About Us

The Price of Freedom Foundation tells the Life Stories of those who paid the Ultimate Price for our freedom - those who die while serving in our nation’s armed forces.

We believe that every person who paid this price deserves to be remembered and their sacrifice honored. Their lives had meaning and potential that was cut short. They left behind families and friends who loved them, and who grieve their loss.

We believe the best way to honor their sacrifice, help those left behind through their grief, and preserve their memories for future generations is to write their life story from beginning to end, and provide archival quality, hardbound editions of the book to the next of kin at no cost to them.


Life Stories

We tell the complete life story of those who pay the ultimate price for our freedom. Working with the families and friends of the Fallen, we employ professional biography writes to produce a full biography honoring the life and sacrifice made by each. We produce print and digital books that are given to the next of kin at no cost to them. We make print and digital copies available at regular retail prices to extended family, friends, and interested members of the public.